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Torq Epoxy Tec Summer 5 5’4 patroon

Summer5 Carton contents: Board without Fins A sled for any waves up to 4ft. Whether you are a Longboarder looking for a step down or a shortboarder looking for some extra volume for the smallest days, this board will make you stoked for even the weakest surf. The shape is short and wide providing loads of planing area and with around 30% more volume than the Thruster, loads of float too. The rocker is flat for maximum speed and the foil carries out to the rail so you can power through turns without bogging the rail. With 5 Futures fin boxes, the Summer 5 can be ridden as Quad or Thruster. 5’4 x 20 1/2” x 2 1/4” – 29,5 Lit Content: Board without fins 5 Futures Finboxes TORQ EPOXY COMPOSITE The all new torq TEC lay-up offers the same incredible durability with a new and improved flex pattern. The overall deck and rail lay-up is reduced to a 6oz and 4oz layer which allows the board much greater freedom of twist and flex. A 6oz deck patch ensures the same level of impact resistance, while the addition of a carbon filament stringer adds incredible longitudinal strength and response.

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Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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