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Light Rev Pod Carbon Patch 5’6 patroon

Light Rev Pod Carbon Patch 5.6The POD is a super versatile shape and can be ridden in the 1ft to 6ft range. Effortless paddling due to high volume and low rocker set up. The POD is perfect to ride soft to open face waves with high speed and draw clean lines. With a little kick in the nose still good at late drop ins. The straighter forward outline and wide full nose allow for easy takeoffs and acceleration. The foil offer most volume under your chest. The POD is uber user friendly. You can fin tune your POD playing around with various fin set ups. We recommend the quad set up for more hollow and fast waves. FeaturesDimension: 5´6″ x 19.75″ x 2.375 Volume: 26,7lFinish: WetrubFin system: FCS2 5 fin set up(no fins included)Polyester PU, Blank Xtra, Silmar 249BB Resin, Aerialite 1x4oz Bottom, 2x4oz DeckCarbon PatchRounded PintailSingle to Double Concave VCenter Stringer

Merk: Light

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