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Light Micro Log 6’0 patroon

Pure fun is the best description for the Micro Log 6’0’’ Longboard. Yes, it´s a ultra short longboard! It´s easy to surf and the loose, flying feeling is super fun. You can still set your turns tight while the waves are really easy to catch. It´s a surfboard which suits a wide range of surfers. Beginners will have as much fun as pro´s who want to enjoy some mellow summer waves. Features: + Leght: 6’0’’ + Wide: 20.75’’ + Thickness: 2.625’’ + Volume: 34.2l + Fins included + Classic Pro Performance Construction + Center stringer + Aussie PU Blank

Merk: Light

Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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