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Buster 6’6 Egg Wood Bamboo bruin

Easy handling, compact and maneuverable in any swell.The Buster Egg Wood Bamboo Surfboard is a combination of a mini malibu, fish and shortboard and helps you in most conditions. The wider nose makes it easier to paddle and glide into the wave, as well offers you the necessary stability, especially during your take off and the pointed round tail makes the egg very agile and easy to manoeuvre. Especially these features allow you to cut a good figure even after longer surf breaks and not leave you frustrated. FeaturesHigh gloss finishsturdy sandwich constructionSandwich vacuum constructionintegrated bamboo layerglazed with epoxy resinUltra-light EPS coreUse of sustainable raw materials

Merk: Buster

Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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