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Buster 6’4 Wombat Wood Bamboo bruin

Small wave charger with a longboard feeling!The Wood Wombat by Buster got longboard feeling in a handy travel format. It has small wave references and does not lead to long discussions at the check-in desk. Enjoy the sharpness of a shortboard, a lot of float and great paddle attributes. The wide tail allows a great response in small and mushy waves and you can build a lot of pressure from the tail which allows sharp turn even with a non-cooperating wave. The flat nose rocker allows for easy paddling and will skyrocket your wave count. TVC Constructionmost rugged construction method availableSandwich Vacuum constructioncontains Bamboo Sandwich Layer Top & Bottomhigh gloss top coatExpoy resinFeatures644 strong polyester laminate2+1 FCS Longboard Fin Sethigh gloss polished finishsandwich vacuum bamboo (TVC construction)

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Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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