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Buster 6’2 Micro Egg Surfboard wit

Finally! The popular Egg is now available as a Micro EggA fun factory for smaller and lighter surfers of all skill levels. Even advanced surfers of all weight classes who are looking for a compact board with a round nose won’t be disappointed. Especially for teens and women that weigh less than 55 kg and that are smaller than 165 cm, the Micro Egg provides forgiving fun on the board. Due to its reduced width compared to the Egg, it’s even possible to paddle it with narrow shoulders. But if you are a little heavier and bigger with advanced skills, this shape suits you, too. Compact and forgiving during takeoff, it will even duck dive under moderate conditions. Moreover, the narrow tail geometry allows radical manoeuvres. FeaturesSurfblanks Australia 2.13 lb cu ft „green“ Blank644 Polyester Strong LaminateBF3 4.37″ Finnenset / FCS II SystemWet Rub Finish

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Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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