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Buster 6’1 Bullet patroon

For optimum wave yieldThe Buster Bullet is a good alternative to your shortboard if you don’t surf too often or a perfect purchase if you just want to change to a shortboard. Due to the special width of the surfboard, the hybrid nose with a little more volume and the flat rocker scoop line this shape performs almost everywhere and ensures good waves. Depending on the conditions, the surfboard with the convertible five fin setup can be used as thruster, quad or twin fin and is ready for use everywhere. Features644 Polyester Strong Laminate (Classic construction)SANE Plugs, FCS I System BF3 4.37″ Thruster Finnenset & Quad Rear Fins644 Polyester Strong LaminatesWet Rub Finish

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Meer details van dit longboard vind je via de link op Blue-Tomato.com

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